Primary Health Care Centre receives its new name!

25 January 2022

Based on a story that originally appeared in the Bridgetown Reader in January 2021:

The new multi-million dollar Middleton & Area Family Health Centre is part of a wide-ranging effort to improve primary health care infrastructure across Nova Scotia. It will better serve the needs of residents of Kingston, Greenwood, Aylesford, Middleton, Bridgetown, Springfield, and other communities of Annapolis County and western Kings County. At nearly six times the size of the old medical clinic, the 12,600 square foot fully accessible facility has 26 exam and consultation rooms and houses the Middleton Collaborative Practice team.

This Collaborative Practice team is made up of family physicians, a nurse, social worker, dietitian, nurse practitioner, and administration staff. Together, they provide a full range of health care services including support to in-patients at Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Recent physician retirements in the region have had a significant impact on the health care needs of our citizens. The new Middleton & Area Family Health Centre will be an important piece of infrastructure to attract more doctors to the area who are looking for a collaborative model in which to practice.

Making our region more inviting to medical students, residents, and international graduates is a critical factor in reaching recruitment goals. When surveyed, most medical students and residents identified their ideal practice type as a group practice with physicians and other health-care providers.

As the Collaborative Practice team grows, it will be able to accept more patients.

The new Middleton & Area Family Health Centre will also provide space to train future physicians and other healthcare professionals. The Middleton Collaborative Practice is part of the Dalhousie Family Medicine Residency program, which allows resident physicians to gain experience working in a rural setting. The new clinic will provide appropriate space for residents to work with the family practice team. 

The Valley Region’s Physician training program has had a very successful retention rate. Over the past 10 years, 26 of 29 residents have stayed in the province and 17 of these have continued to practice in the Annapolis Valley.


Following the announcement of the Primary Health Care Centre– as it was originally called– by then Premier Stephen McNeil in August 2019, Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation committed to a $1 million community campaign as its contribution to the $12 million price tag. 

Although the Foundation has been supporting the Hospital’s needs since 1972, this has been the biggest project in its history. The Foundation has had considerable success with the campaign and donations are still being accepted towards it.

Kelly Hutton, Chair of the SMH Foundation’s Board of Directors, says “It was truly heartening to see our local community rally around this new health centre. We are grateful for the support of our donors, community leaders, government, and our local healthcare community for making this exciting project a reality. Looking ahead, I expect it to be a catalyst in recruitment of physicians and other healthcare providers to the mid Annapolis Valley area.”

For more information, please contact the Foundation’s Administrative Assistant, Michael Fairn, at 902 825 4202 or [email protected]

A ‘Special’ Donation

On a very (!) windy day, SMH Foundation Administrative Assistant, Michael Fairn, accepts a $500 donation from Middleton resident, David Harvey

Whether you live in Middleton or only come into Town periodically, you have probably seen David Harvey pulling his metal wagon and collecting refundables from various businesses and recycling receptacles.

We were very pleased to receive a call from David’s sister saying that he wanted to make a donation to the Foundation for the Primary Health Care Centre (recently renamed to Middleton & Area Family Health Centre). We were pleasantly surprised that the donation was in the amount of $500. THAT IS A LOT OF CANS AND BOTTLES!

David, the members of the Foundation thank you. The staff at the Middleton & Area Family Health Centre thank you. And please know that the entire community thanks you for your hard work in collecting these refundables and for your generosity with the donation!

Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation awards five $1,000 Scholarships.

Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation awarded five $1,000 Scholarships to local students from the Mid Valley Region who are enrolled in medical school.

Pictured above, from Left to Right: Dr. Michele Saxon; Medical Students Adam McNeil, Meghan Breckon, Allyson Evans, Evan Banks, Rachel Holland; and Kelly Hutton, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The Scholarships recognize and support Medical Students from the Hospital’s catchment area, which extends from Aylesford to Bridgetown.

The Foundation is committed to the education, growth, and development of our communities’ youth. In addition to mentoring and engaging in education in the field of health and wellness, we believe it is important to assist in the advancement of talented students in their pursuit of higher education. It is this pursuit of higher education in the field of Medicine that enables the Foundation to provide $1,000. scholarships to these five Medical Students.

The Mid Valley Region Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee will follow their progress and offer support when needed throughout their time in Medical School.

It is the hope of the Recruitment & Retention Committee that these five exceptional young adults will return here to the Mid Valley Region and that we can help create a positive community environment for them to live, work, and build their lives here as Physicians.