L-R: Carolyn Brown, Resource Teacher at BRCS and John Smith, Vice-Chair of SMHF

Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to help fund the rebuilding of the Sensory Room and Fine Motor Olympics Program in the Learning Center at Bridgetown Regional Community School. The Sensory Room is a quiet, gently stimulating space where students with ASD can go to relax, calm down, or get away from everyday stimuli. The Sensory Room also helps reduce disruptive behavior and it’s a very important part of helping children learn to self-regulate their behaviors, which ultimately improves their focus.

SMHF purchases needed health care equipment for Soldiers Memorial Hospital and has expanded to extend funding to selected health-related programs. These programs include the Kings and Annapolis Counties’ Senior Safety Programs, Active Kids Healthy Kids Society, and Mid Valley Region Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee. The Foundation also provides scholarships to High School and University students that are– or will be enrolling– in the field of health care.

If you would like further information about volunteering or contributing, please contact the Foundation at 902 825-4202 or [email protected]