Kelly Hutton is Chair of the Board of Directors of SMH Foundation. Originally from Edmonton, he moved to Kingston in 2008. Kelly has served on the SMHF Board for several years and he is adamant that health care in the Mid Valley Region will get better!

John Smith is the Vice Chair of the Board. He is originally from Newfoundland and now resides in the Bridgetown area. He also chairs the Foundation’s Communications Committee and is very involved in various other healthcare-related organizations in the Mid Valley Region.

Anne Crowell, a local Massage Therapist, is Secretary of the Foundation. She is one of the Foundation’s members on the Mid Valley Region Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee. She is relentless in her desire and efforts to bring more Physicians to our area.

Louise Banks is serving her second term as the representative of the Village of Greenwood on the Foundation Society and is Chair of the Board’s Nominating Committee.

Michael Fairn is the Administrative Assistant with the Foundation. A native of Middleton, his career and experience in various aspects of the health care industry enable him to provide the office support required by a very busy and dedicated Board.