A ‘Special’ Donation

On a very (!) windy day, SMH Foundation Administrative Assistant, Michael Fairn, accepts a $500 donation from Middleton resident, David Harvey

Whether you live in Middleton or only come into Town periodically, you have probably seen David Harvey pulling his metal wagon and collecting refundables from various businesses and recycling receptacles.

We were very pleased to receive a call from David’s sister saying that he wanted to make a donation to the Foundation for the Primary Health Care Centre (recently renamed to Middleton & Area Family Health Centre). We were pleasantly surprised that the donation was in the amount of $500. THAT IS A LOT OF CANS AND BOTTLES!

David, the members of the Foundation thank you. The staff at the Middleton & Area Family Health Centre thank you. And please know that the entire community thanks you for your hard work in collecting these refundables and for your generosity with the donation!