Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation awards five $1,000 Scholarships.

Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation awarded five $1,000 Scholarships to local students from the Mid Valley Region who are enrolled in medical school.

Pictured above, from Left to Right: Dr. Michele Saxon; Medical Students Adam McNeil, Meghan Breckon, Allyson Evans, Evan Banks, Rachel Holland; and Kelly Hutton, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The Scholarships recognize and support Medical Students from the Hospital’s catchment area, which extends from Aylesford to Bridgetown.

The Foundation is committed to the education, growth, and development of our communities’ youth. In addition to mentoring and engaging in education in the field of health and wellness, we believe it is important to assist in the advancement of talented students in their pursuit of higher education. It is this pursuit of higher education in the field of Medicine that enables the Foundation to provide $1,000. scholarships to these five Medical Students.

The Mid Valley Region Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee will follow their progress and offer support when needed throughout their time in Medical School.

It is the hope of the Recruitment & Retention Committee that these five exceptional young adults will return here to the Mid Valley Region and that we can help create a positive community environment for them to live, work, and build their lives here as Physicians.